Playground Project

Playground Build a Success!

Members of the community alongside a small crew from Site Specifics, LLC came together on August 21st-23rd to install our new playground.  Despite some rain on day 1 the build was very successful.  There are many people to thank and the PTG is thrilled that we were able to get the full playground installed prior to the start of school!!

Thank you , thank you!!!

Focus on Fitness at the Next Generation Playground – a new name, playground vendor and design chosen, closing in on fundraising goal, community build set for late August!!  PLEASE READ!

The CT Plunkett PTG along with the school and the community have embarked upon an effort to replace our beloved Wacky World with a brand new playground for the next generation of children to enjoy!

Features of the New Playground:

  • Many new playground structures that meet the physical and developmental needs of the school and community

  • separate areas for early childhood and elementary age students (required by NAEYC)

  • clear visibility of all areas of the playground for parents and staff – no more hiding places!

  • lots of room to run, play, climb, and swing!

Honoring Wacky World

  • The cones at the top of the structure and the checkerboard entrance will be saved and incorporated into the new playground design, along with the checkerboard entrance

Project Need

The estimated need for the entire playground project is $80,000.  This will provide enough equipment to fill the space and provide a great new space for the children.  The playground steering committee is currently working with playground companies to select the best design for the new space. Our current goal will allow us to have a new structure in place for the upcoming Spring and Summer.  We will have a community build and opportunities for many people to contribute their time and talent and treasure to this project.  We are well on our way, but the more we raise, the greater the new playground will be!

Click on our Playground Fundraising page to learn about upcoming events and watch our progress!


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