Upcoming Elections for the HVES PTG

Parent Teacher Group Board Member Elections

The HVES PTG will be holding its annual Board Member elections Tuesday, May 7th 6 pm in room 222. If you are interested in becoming a board member you must be present at this meeting. All current board members are not seeking reelection. The PTG will be looking to elect a new President/Chairperson, Arts and Enrichment Coordinator, Treasurer, and Secretary.

SECTION 1 – All parents, guardians, teachers, and staff with the exception of the Principals of the elementary and middle schools are eligible to hold office.
SECTION 2 – The election of officers shall be held annually in May at the regular monthly meeting by ballot of those members present unless waived by a majority of the members present. Officer terms shall begin upon adjournment of the annual meeting in June. The terms will be for one year.

SECTION 1 – The officers of the organization shall include: a chairperson, a secretary, a treasurer, and an arts enrichment coordinator for each school.
SECTION 2 – The officers shall perform the duties described as follows:
A. Chairperson: The presiding chair shall conduct the meeting and cast the deciding vote in the event of a tie. Chairpersons shall be familiar with relaxed parliamentary procedure according to Robert’s Rules of Order. Chairpersons shall be responsible for preparing an agenda for every meeting.
B. Secretary: The secretary shall maintain written minutes of all meetings including all actions taken by the organization. The minutes must be made available at the next monthly meeting for review and acceptance by the membership present.
C. Treasurer: The treasurer shall be responsible for receipt and custody of all monies of the organization and for the disbursement thereof as authorized by the chairpersons. The keeping of accurate accounts of monies received and paid out, oversights of contracts or other instruments authorized by the organization and its members. Preparation and issuance of financial statements shall be made available at the next monthly meeting for review and acceptance by the membership present at the meeting.
D. Arts Enrichment Coordinator: The arts enrichment coordinator will prepare a schedule of arts and cultural activities for students at all grade levels. The coordinator will work within the approved PTG budget to select and schedule said activities. A schedule will be presented at monthly meetings and updated as needed.
SECTION 3 – Officers must attend at least (6) meetings per school year. Absence from (4) meetings of the Parent Teacher Group in one term without previous notification or a valid reason shall be considered a resignation.

A full copy of the by-laws can be found at https://adams-cheshireptg.com/about/
All current board members will be available to help with the transition. If you have any questions please contact us at ptg@ACRSD.net

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