What’s coming up this Spring for the HVES PTG?

The HVES PTG has a busy spring coming up and we need your help.

  • Butter Braids are coming in April 2nd. Please make arrangements to pick them up between 3:15-7pm. We do not have room in the freezer for any orders not picked up.
  • The next HVES PTG Meeting is April 2nd 6 pm in the cafeteria. Everyone is welcome and childcare will be provided. We will go Live from our Facebook page during the meeting. If you can not attend the meeting this is a great way to still be involved. You can not vote on Live but you can comment and ask questions.
  • April 6th is the 5th Annual Spring Fling vendor and craft fair at Hoosac Valley High school. We have 100 vendors and something for everyone. This event is from 9-3 pm. We are still in need of volunteers for this event please click the link to sign up Spring Fling Help. This is one of our biggest money making fundraisers and it requires no selling from our students, but we do need volunteers.
  • We are currently working on the next Family Movie Night in May. Please stay tuned for more information.
  • May 9th we will be holding the Teacher Appreciation lunch. We will need volunteers to help on this day. Please click the link to sign up Teacher Appreciation Volunteer
  • May 11th is the Playground clean up.  Join us at 8:30 am to spruce up the playground.  Students can come out to help, but will not be able to use the equipment while mulch is being spread.

Have a question or a concern? Please email us at ptg@acrsd.net

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