ACRSD Middle School PTG Meeting Minutes – 02/26/2018 Attendees: Lisa Odvar, Michelle Boire, Stacy McCarthy, Michele Purcell, Erin Connolly 1. Meeting called to order by Lisa Odvar at 6:08 PM 2. Approval of minutes from January meeting – Approved 3. Principal’s Report a. Not in attendance 4. Officer Reports a. Chairman’s Report i. Harlem Wizards – April 9th 1. Will need teacher and staff volunteers to play in the game (25) 2. Will need many other volunteers – sign up online 3. Approved to make t-shirts for team & volunteers (~50) 4. Will be reaching out to sponsors b. Treasurer’s Report i. Michele reviewed activity – see attached report c. Arts & Enrichment Report i. No new business 5. New Business a. Would like to implement student of the month b. Would like to send out monthly newsletter c. Have sent out signup to parents to receive email notices 6. Next Meeting – March 26th at 6:00 PM in the Resource Center 7. Meeting adjourned at 6:55 PM

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