End-of-Year Activities!

There’s always a lot going on at the end of the school year!  Here’s an update on the May meeting from your PTG:

Principal’s Report –

  • 7 new positions posted (interventionists and SPED and Coordinator), if one of the towns votes down the budget, those new positions will not be filled
  • No parent requests for class placements because many in-house teachers have applied for the 7 open positions and can’t wait until the staff is hired to put class lists together
  • Middle school – departmentalized model, every core subject every day, 4th grade will have 2 teams so each student will have 2 teachers, no study halls, common planning time for teachers, busses will be separate from high school, teachers will escort students to lunch and gym

New Business –

  1. Teacher Requests- 4th grade Howe Caverns – already approved, need check by May 26th
  2. Yearbook – cost to print has increased, we will increase the price by $1, order forms are ready to go – $15/yearbook, $7 for 5th graders
  3. Year end –
    • Field Day June 6th – PTG will provide popsicles (can use freezer in cafeteria) 
    • 5th grade picnic June 6th – PTG will order grinders, buy drinks, chips, cookies – get volunteers
    • 5th grade T-shirts – confirm amount with Kale Skrocki and get check to him
  4. In need of a new Arts Enrichment coordinator – volunteers???
  5. Playground equipment – planning to purchase one new piece of equipment for the playground that is recommended for 2-5 year olds, estimated cost $7k plus another $3k for installation, concrete, mulch, etc.

The following have been added to the PTG Calendar:

5/22 – 4th grade visits HVMHS

5/23 – 5th grade visits HVMHS

5/24 – 5th grade to Sturbridge Village!

5/25 – STEAM Family Night (registration required)

5/26 – 3rd grade visits HVMHS

5/26 – Red, White, and Blue Spirit Day!

5/30 – 4th grade to Howe Caverns!

5/31 – K-2 Family Folk Dancing!

6/1 & 6/2 – 3rd grade to Pleasant Valley!

6/5 – Gr3-5 Family Folk Dancing!

6/6 – Field Day!

6/6 – 5th grade picnic

6/15 – half day

6/16 – 5th grade graduation!

6/16 – half day

6/19 – half day

6/20 – half day LAST DAY!

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