December Update: Give-a-Gift Time!

giftWednesday, December 18th, marks the day for our annual GIVE-A-GIFT Workshop.  Give-A-Gift provides a seasonal theme conducive for ALL children and their beliefs.

Volunteers from the PTG set up a shopping room for the children to purchase gifts for two special ADULTS in their lives (usually 1 male and 1 female) at a cost of 25 cents each.  Our devoted volunteers then wrap the gifts and label them for the children.  The monies collected from the children’s purchases, and a matched amount from the PTG, will be donated to a local charity.

At this time we are asking for donations of gifts for our store.  Each student should bring in 2 (or more!) gifts.  The items MUST be new and need not be expensive.  The local dollar store is a wonderful place to purchase these gifts.

We will need 950 gifts in total!

Please send them in UNWRAPPED in a brown bag so that the children do not see the treasures.  The items listed below are just some ideas of things you could donate to our Giving Shop:

  • simple tools

  • magnets

  • nuts

  • pens

  • pot holders

  • jewelry

  • perfume

  • paper pads

  • flashlights

  • coffee mugs

  • dishtowels

  • soaps

  • chocolate/candy

  • kitchen gadgets

  • golf tees

  • scarves

  • current magazines

  • tape measures

  • after shave

  • golf balls

  • salt & pepper shakers

  • gloves

  • playing cards

  • calendars

  • ties

  • books

PLEASE DO NOT SEND an item that could represent a danger to the students, i.e. razors, pocket knives, carton cutters, lighters, etc.  NO USED items.

Instead of our usual PTG meeting this month, the time is designated to sort and count the gifts that have come in already.  We will meet at 6:30 pm tomorrow night, Dec. 10th, for a work meeting for Give-a-Gift.

If anyone is able to volunteer for a 2-hour shift on Dec. 18th between 8am-3pm please contact the PTG at or

Thank you!! We look forward to a successful program!!  CT Plunkett PTG

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